A Baby Shoe Shopping Spree

You can tell a lot about someone by just looking at his or her shoes. See where they’ve been or decipher their habits.

Peanut prefers no shoes – Embodying a free spirit attitude and laid-back lifestyle. Occasionally, Peanut does throw on some footwear in the form of comfy socks (gotta keep those babies warm). Hopefully she doesn’t grow up to wear just socks in public or be a Shoobie from Rocket Power.

I’m going to start introducing Peanut to different kinds of shoes and see which ones she likes most. Some Vans or Toms would be a fashionable choice.

If Peanut wants to wear some funky shoes, I support her decision as long as she doesn’t use the line “It’s called fashion, look it up,” which I’m sure the designers of 20 Of The Weirdest Shoes, Ever said at one point or another.

But if we’re getting down to business and jumping in puddles, she should try some cool J. Crew rain boots. If she wants to wear flip-flops, I’ll let her (just not crocs).

Crocs are off limits, no matter what. Sorry Peanut, looks like you’ll have to go barefoot if the only option is crocs. Cowboy boots on the other hand, is always a yes.

Shoes can bring together an outfit nicely and when you’re a baby it’s all about microfashion.

We went into Asics the other day because I needed some new dad running sneakers. They have baby Asics sneakers that definitely only fit babies who crawl. I’m sure the importance of arch support for toddlers is crucial, but I guess Peanut will have to learn how we all learned, sans arch.

I’m all for spoiling my kid and giving them what they want but dang man, those shoes were expensive and she can’t even crawl yet. Maybe next year missy.