How To Learn A Better Routine From A Baby


If there is one things babies know best it’s getting into a routine. As soon as Peanut wakes up in the morning she wipes the crusty eye boogies away and hops right into her daily routine.

Peanut is more consistent with her routine than a lot of other people. She delegates her time pretty well. There’s time for 6+ meals a day, workouts, naps and reading.

Do everyone a favor and eat breakfast in the morning! No one likes crabby Willem Dafoe when he hasn’t eaten his Snickers in the morning. Be more like Marilyn.

Pop culture references aside, we all know when you haven’t eaten anything because it shows. It’s scientifically proven people get angry when they’re hungry. The scientific word for this is hangry.

Don’t do that to yourself, or us.

Peanut goes crazy for her new bouncy seat. It’s basically a giant Nemo themed harness seat that is accompanied by Dori, Squirt and Mr. Ray (I remembered the song but not his name so I cheated and googled it). I would work out a whole lot more if gyms were Disney themed, just saying.

Also, according to sciencey things, working out is apparently really awesome for our bodies. Not just in the ‘I workout and look good’ way but the ‘yo I workout and feel good’ way. Working out releases dopamine and all sorts of other good stuff in the brain and improves overall health. It’s pretty much the best drug for you.

Check out a previous blog ‘Babies Workout Too’ to get off your lazy butt and work out!

Some people don’t advocate the whole nap thing, but I’m about it. You feel refreshed and recharged. Occasionally there’s a point in the afternoon where your body just goes ‘why are you awake right now’ and your productivity levels plummet.

So, to fix all of that take a 20-40 minute nap. If you think your 9-5 corporate grind doesn’t allow it that’s a bunch of hooey. If it’s that important, you’ll make time for it. My blog Baby Time can help you with that.

On your lunch break find a nap spot (they’re out there and just ripe for the pickin’) and get a little recharge in your afternoon.

Lastly, reading is pretty important. You learn a lot from it and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In a world with more readable content on a daily basis than at any other time in human history, you are bound to read a lot. But I think too many of us read stuff that isn’t fun.

Are we really passionate about what the Kardashians are up to in People magazine? Let’s just agree that there are better things to be read out there. Peanut likes keepin’ it real with her ‘Listen To The Birds: An Introduction To Classical Music’ book (shout out to Aunt Lauren).

In all seriousness though, exposing children to multimedia content at a young age can be really beneficial. Just make sure the content is good!


Babies Workout Too

When all the greats describe their daily routines there is always some time carved out of the day for physical exercise. Ben Franklin would go on strolls and Ronald Reagan would pump iron int he White House. Peanut is an active baby. Every morning, she gets up and has a light breakfast (just enough to kickstart the morning), then proceeds to march in place for 30 minutes as Dad holds her up in bed.

It’s a grand ol’ time. Peanut tells jokes, I tell jokes and we both laugh. And all the while she marches in place to get that important exercise in for the day.

Not enough people have consistent workout routines. Peanut asked why don’t people have consistant workout routines? It’s so easy and fun.

You hear all the time in lots of scenarios “I don’t have time for this or that.” WORST EXCUSE EVER.

It really comes down to the fact that everyone is a procrastinator. We can find excuses everywhere if we try hard enough, but why put fortht he effort? If you tell yourself to just get up and go you’ll get it done.

If the procrastinator took the amount of time they spent complaining about the time they don’t have and how busy they are that time eventually adds up. 3 minutes here, 6 minutes there and before you realize it, that time eventually adds up to anywhere for 20- 60 minutes a day (depending on how much of a whiner you are).

Acta Non Verba – Actions Not Words

(I mentioned Acta Non Verba in a previous post, which you should read for a motivational attitude adjustment.)

It all starts with attitude. Give yourself some motivational talk over that light meal I mentioned earlier. I usually have an apple, a granola bar, banana with peanut butter while listening to music that gets my blood pumping.

Let’s be honest. some of us out there (me included) get self-conscious at the gym. That’s why I joined the $10 a month gym where no body gets dressed up in Active Wear to go work out.

Let’s cut the shit and get after it.55585925-1.jpg