Wanted: More Babies In Game Of Thrones

There aren’t enough baby characters in Game Of Thrones! Peanut can hang with adults but every now and then she wants to chill with someone her own age.

Let’s admit there are plenty of characters that act like babies and haven’t died yet. But of course George R. R. Martin decides to keep the most prolific gut wrenchingly jerky characters alive.

Oh Georgey, what a fascinating writer you are. I don’t understand how people get all flustered about GoT killing off a character. ‘But I loved that character and there was so much character development for him to get where he finally is…’

Personally, I love it. You never quite know when who will turn against whom or someone has a change of heart (much like life).

Wah, wah. You people cry more than Peanut (which really isn’t that much so you cry more than whiney babies).

Speaking of whiney babies, what purpose does Craster’s last son (one of the only babies in GoT) have in the story? He certainly brings out the mother wolf in Gilly. But I absolutely believe that ‘ol Georgey Martin formulates the relationships of his characters first in some cases. Certain qualities draw characters together and if one doesn’t exist yet – the author needs to create one to keep the story going or at least be marginally interesting.

For example, Sam (introduced pretty early on during the first season) was rejected by his family, specifically his father and eventually stumbles upon one Craster’s wives.

These characteristic push and pulls is what the membership GoT world is all about.

Perhaps the introduction of a baby character or even pregnancy could imply other than just a new friend for Peanut. Yes it can bring out the parent in a character like Sam and Gilly. But perhaps it were to bring about an heir to a certain throne that’s made of giant swords and iron!

I haven’t even read the books so I’m just spit ballin’ here and going off of Peanut’s concerns for a new friend. Or maybe she’s still waiting for the dragons to cool stuff.

Either way, we’re both screaming like babies in anticipation for this new season coming up.



One thought on “Wanted: More Babies In Game Of Thrones

  1. Craster’s last son on the show (born after the mutiny of the Night’s Watch) was taken by one of the White Walkers (who rode a horse, unlike the wights who always walk… those are some confusing labels) and was converted from being a human into being one of the icy Others… just a cute one.

    So Gilly’s baby, presumably Craster’s last living still-human son was fated to join the ranks of the Others, the White Walkers. So I assume that’s pretty much his purpose. Sam, Gilly, and little Sam have evacuated away from the imminent approach of the Night’s King and his ghouls, so I’m not sure if the baby will play a big factor.

    Yeah, I hear what you’re saying about lack of babies on the show. Things don’t really go well for them (or anyone…)


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