How Not To Be The Damsel In Distress

“You got to dig a little deeper; when you find out who you are, you’ll find out what you need”- Mama Odie, The Princess and The Frog.

If you are a parent, then you are definitely familiar with Walt Disney; so familiar that you find yourself humming the whimsical tunes when you are at work or in the car. Your not-parent friends will express their concern for your well-being, telling you that you have been brainwashed and need to listen to some Bruno Mars immediately. But it’s game over, I’m hooked. Especially since watching The Princess and the Frog three nights in a row….

Louis the gator really makes me laugh. He reminds me of a more jazzy and musical Baloo The Bear. Both characters of which remind the viewer to follow their dreams and always do the right thing.

Prior to my Disney days (probably since Peanut has started watching) I considered it was brainwashing material. But watching them now… I see the true genius of them.

Between the bright colors, the catchy music, and the hero’s tale, Disney discovered the key to every child’s fantasy and imagination. But under all of the sparkle, there is a hidden moral to each story that even an adult needs to be reminded of.

Tiana, the waitress from The Princess and The Frog that I have come to know, is not a princess, or at least not the stereotypical princess that is casted in glitter and pink. She sings of hard work and determination, but ends up turning out to be a workaholic.

Meanwhile, Navine, the prince, turns out to be irresponsible, losing all of his riches and getting himself into trouble with the Shadow Man because he wanted to live a life of no work and all play. Both characters turn out to be the “damsel in distress”, needing the other in order to discover their “true self.” With the help of a wise blind woman who “sees everything”, can you already sense the irony, the two begin to reconsider what it is that is the most important in their lives.

Keep getting out there and try and try again. You can never fail too much. You just gotta bounce.

So, next time my friends, you jump too quickly to criticizing Disney movies, maybe listen to the wise words of Mama Odie and “dig a little deeper .”


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