Baby Time

“Honey, what time is it?”

“Hmm… It is 7:45 AM.”

“Gotta go, running late again.” And with a quick kiss on my forehead daddy disappears through the door.

Most mornings, while I sit awake on mommy’s lap I hear this quick exchange between my parents and then go back to playing my own version of paddy cake . What is this ‘time’ thing anyway and why does it take someone away from playing with me? Not cool. It’s as though ‘time’ controls people, yet I have never seen this ‘time’ —its as though an invisible hand is constantly turning peoples’ heads on a string and Father Time is the puppet master. All I know is that I’m not a fan of time.


Why time sucks

Have you ever ventured into a busy city? If so, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say city folk are always in a rush. Even the cars and taxis whizz and weave through a sea of people trying to cross the street Now why is it that people plow through each other, bumping into everything in their path? As mentioned early, this thing called time commands it of them. The scepter of time mandates the mad dog rush.

Time constricts people, creating specific scheduled blocks for different things to be accomplished. Time tells people when it is appropriate to wake up, eat breakfast, shower, dress, go to work, drink coffee, go back to work, have that second or third cup of coffee, leave work, go home, have dinner, go to bed, and repeat and repeat and repeat. If there happens to be a fumble, like sleeping an extra five minutes in the morning, you are screwed.

People end up going about their day only thinking of all the stuff they need to accomplish within a certain block of time, and this takes away from any form of creative or provoking thought. Amongst a vast sea of quick paced zombies, there are a few bodies who do not let this time control them; often these people are criticized and thought of as irresponsible. But why?

Despite different states, countries, and even cultures living by different standards of time, it still seems to have the same effect on people? We feel confined by these invisible barriers set-up by time, and yet, there is no actually physical thing holding us within them.


‘Depends On The Meaning What Is Is’

What if you remove time? Will all of the accomplishments, meetings, money made and money spent be lost? Who (or what) are you left with? A liberated soul. You’ll find it easier to think for your self and feel the urge to do something outside of the box.

Adherence to time leads to mindlessness. Robots lack creative thought and creative thought is unique to a human existence. Humans should not be robots.

Since the social construct of time isn’t going anywhere, how do we deal with the smelly old elephant in the room? Live moment to moment. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen in the future, and because of my immature brain, I have no recollection of the past. All I care about is ‘what is.’

I eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired. When my basic needs are met I carry on the rest of my day pontificating and swinging my arms around (because that’s rad and I might be a boxer when I grow up). Interestingly enough, by concentrating just on the current moment, I am influencing my future.


I Dare You…

No, I double dog dare you to question your existence. (Ever been double dog dared by a 2-month old baby? Didn’t think so). The possibility of time stopping if you do not finish the objective at hand is slim to none, so focus on ‘what is’ and hey, that mad dog rush may just slow down into a nice stroll.




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