5 Things Peanut Does That You Should Do

  1. Peanut talks about her feelings. She always let’s us know how she really feels. “I’m really hungry, tired, happy, etc.” Because she is so vocal on her opinions, people know exactly what to do to help her out. You would be surprised how comparable this habit is to adult life things.

Talking about your feelings at work can actually be beneficial.

In a Fast Company Article, they argue that making yourself more vulnerable builds trust faster than if you aren’t vulnerable.

  1. Peanut cries. You should cry too. Embrace your emotions. Louis C. K. was his usual funny self on Conan and described why “you should just cry.”
  1. Peanut laughs at the little stuff. When you can laugh at the little stuff in life, you can easily pick yourself up. It’s a good quality to have. So have a sense of humor and laugh a bit more.

Peanut’s nose is her happy button. You press it, say ‘boop,’ and the reaction that ensues is as if you told the funniest joke on the planet.

  1. Peanut wakes up early. She always starts the day off right with a little snack and then gets right into her early morning workout routine. This usually consists of marching in place and punching the air.
  1. Peanut sits and pontificates. You should take time out of your day to simply sit and think about the world you live in or some brooding questions you have about the earth. Treat it as a meditation time.

It only takes 10 minutes too. Afterwards, you will feel liberated. If you put the time in everyday, you will transform yourself as a person and be much more aware of the world around you. This app called Headspace really helps as a jumping off point.

Moral of the blog is be more like Peanut.


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