What’s Your Nickname?

Disclaimer: All of the nicknames used in this blog are real…

Nicknames are fun. They also have an amplified meaning, just as names do. daughters nickname is Peanut, hence the name of this blog. Who was James Bond without his esteemed (and nicknamed) secretary, Money Penny. Let’s just say he’d miss a lot of appointments and not be as smooth.

Peanut, for whom this blog is named after, is a little pistol of a girl who has enough attitude and glowing smiles to bring an auditorium full of drill sergeants to their knees. Peanut’s nickname just kind of happened, like any other great nickname.

To better remember people’s names, I add a description of something significant in my phone contacts. ‘Flimsy handshake’ or ‘talked about her Senior Thesis all night at the bar.’ While these aren’t quite nicknames, they cut to the chase and help to remember the essence of that person.

Sometimes there’s a story behind it but the best are really backed up by that gut feeling of “oh yeah, he does look like a ‘Claw’ because he holds his hand in that weird way or ‘Chainsaw’ because his jean shorts look like they went through a chainsaw”

Other times, the nicknames are SO much better than the original, so referring to them by their socially ordained name really makes all parties involved happy.

Tiger Woods’ first name is not Tiger (so disappointed at first, I know). When hearing that his first name was indeed, Eldrick, I wholeheartedly agreed with the well-advised substitution.

In many circles of friends, if you don’t have a nickname you’re not really close with the group. It’s a way of bonding and showing respect for one another that the nicknamed can joke and be joked about.

In my personal friend group, we all have nicknames. Mofo, Big Dog, The Bird, Nud, Cowboy, Scuba Steve, Doctor, Poth, Trugs, C-rad. All of them make absolute sense when you meet them. The name calling process allows creative juices to flow and everyone has a little fun.

Nicknames can be hilarious. So if your friend group doesn’t have any, you should probably address that dire situation ASAP.



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