You Are What You Eat

You are What You Eat

On December 14th, I was born at a healthy weight of seven pounds and thirteen ounces. Even though I lost just a bit of weight at the hospital, when I went for my first doctor appointment only a day after going home, I was already back up to my birth weight. The doctors have all told my mom how surprised and amazed they are by my strength and alertness. By the time I was two weeks old, I was already holding my head up. Now at eight weeks old, I recognize when my mom or dad’s familiar voice says my name, and I turn my head in their direction in order to make eye contact. I am not trying to brag or anything, but in all honesty, it is quite amazing to feel strong. Now the question is, what is my advanced strength and alertness due to?

When someone asks my mom how she lost her baby weight within eight weeks and how her daughter is so strong and alert, my mom simply answers that it is all due to her healthy eating habits. My mom loves fish, chicken, vegetables, and complex grains; and as a matter of fact, I love them too. Salmon is most definitely my favorite and I find that it helps with my skin complexion.

Ignorance is bliss… Until karma kicks in.

Food is often too overlooked as just food. But if you think it over, what you ingest is what fuels your body. The nutrients, by-products, and additives that are in some foods do not just enter the body and then leave; rather, they enter the body and then break down to only circulate throughout your system. So, when it comes to your energy levels and health, these are all attributed to what you eat on a daily basis.

So then, why doesn’t everyone eat healthy foods and cook their own meals?

The easy way out.

In my opinion, too many people rely on other people or places for their meals, such as McDonalds or Burger King. I mean before you even see the large yellow and red sign, you can smell the aroma of French fries and burgers, which can be irresistible for someone driving on an empty stomach after work. For only one dollar you can buy yourself a meal. McDonalds must be a life savior… Right?

Have you ever noticed that the majority of people who eat McDonalds, Burger King, or any fast food for that matter are unhealthy both in appearance and mentality?

So this begs the question, is the rather inexpensive and fast food healthy?

Fast food companies claim to be healthier than they have been with their dishes in the past; however, the emphasis is on the descriptive “healthier.” This does not mean that the food that can be served up in less than a minute and sit in a refrigerator for weeks time without going bad is healthy; it is just better than it was in the past. With this being said, why do people consume fast food?

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned a thing called “time.” I notice how rushed people appear to be on a regular basis, always having to be somewhere else. This can make it challenging for some to go to the grocery store and to take the time to cook a meal, picking up a one dollar burger in less than a minute appeals to the rushed. I cannot blame a person for resorting to fast food to quench their dying appetite, but I do not sympathize with them when they complain about having to lose weight or their persistent unhealthy skin.

If you are going to consume large quantities of unhealthy food than accept that you are going to be unhealthy. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat,” is a simple yet true statement – the reason for why I am healthy is because I eat healthy foods.



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