How Interesting Is Your Life Story?

Peanut loves stories. She’ll be all fussy and squirming around, but when a story starts, she stops and gives a listen. A great big calm hangs in the air and she seems to be paralyzed in deep thought as she visually and mentally grabs onto the words of the story.

Humans of all ages are inherently drawn to stories.

Storytelling has been around since ancient times and for good reason. It is the most effective way to make a person learn a lesson, evoke emotion, or laugh. Homer told epic tales of the Odyssey and William Shakespeare told the loving tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

Be The Author Of Your Life

Contemporary short story author Dr. Jonathon Gottschall takes it a step even further and says that people live their entire lives inside stories. Jonathon says, “we live in stories all day long —fiction stories, novels, TV shows, films, interactive video games. We daydream in stories all day long. We go to sleep at night to rest; the body rests, but not the brain. The brain stays up at night and it’s telling itself stories for about two hours per night.”

Jonathon has a pretty good point. Almost everything we do as humans can be looked through the lens of a story narrative. Why? Because our brains process information much more effectively through this technique.

Humans are addicted to stories. They can’t help but follow the latest celebrity gossip or binge watch Netflix.

So, considering our story narrative isn’t going anywhere any time soon, how do we make the most of it?

You may not be a good writer or storyteller. BUT YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR STORY AS INTERESTING AS POSSIBLE.

Introduce a Plot Twist

Do something today that you’ve never done before. It could give you a new perspective on life and change you for the better.

Try doing yoga on the beach. Try doing 1,000 jumping jacks. Try learning a different language.

The key word here is TRY. Try whatever strikes your fancy. As long as it is beneficial to you as a person, why not try it.

Too often, people lead sedentary lifestyles (and everyone wonders why depression rates are up) leading to feelings of resentment. But it is so easy to avoid, just try.

Following some good ol’ Latin can always act as a good mantra, ‘acta non verba’ or “Actions not words.”

Conceptualize your story. Go act on those thoughts. Then reap the rewards.

The Devil Is In The Details

Ira Israel is a psychotherapist who counsels creative people on mindfulness and happiness. Ira has a blog about living a meaningful, productive life.

In his video ‘How to Own Your Life,’ he talks of his experience in a car crash. Ira concludes that while his involvement in the car crash were awful; he was dwelling too much on the negative. Ira practices a form of radical acceptance and accepts what happens in his life. So don’t let yourself get in your own head. In the words of Mr. Israel, “Accept what is. Accept every aspect of your life.”






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